8 best small business ideas in India in 2023

India to begin with is a developing country right now, that is no doubt.

With the upcoming youth, there are plenty of startups, but many require large capital investment, right? That is not true. We can start with a small business which mainly requires the involvement of individuals that is the owners. But what to start with? Well, here are some options you can check out:

8 best small business ideas in India in 2022

1. Fitness Trainer:

Are you a person who is called a gym lover by friends, family, or colleagues? If you are then starting your fitness journey can be the best for you! You can start with offline or online training. You will be required to have a certificate for execution which is easily available on online platforms.

Fitness is a growing business as everyone has started to be attracted to a healthy lifestyle. You can be a yoga teacher if you believe in traditional ways of fitness and add other professionals to your business and create a complete business.

2. Photographer

Travelling, everyone loves that! But are you the one who captures those memories for better remembrance in the future or to cherish those memories once again? Then mate starting up your own photography business seems best for you.  Through an online advertisement, you can create your profile and people can hire you for capturing their special moments in events like weddings, birthday parties, receptions, etc.

There is no boundary between photography till events, you can also be a commercial photographer that is the photographs for products or advertisement placement, and you can also be a fashion photographer or a modelling photographer whose popularity is rising rapidly globally because of the growth of the fashion industry, speaking of the fashion industry you can also step into customized clothing.

  3. Customized clothing

Today’s youth spend a great amount of time on themselves and their clothing. Fashion plays a huge factor in every youngster’s life right now and that is where customized clothing steps in. If you love stitching, then turn it into a small business. Cosplaying has become a huge trend right now which needs customized clothing to fulfil requirements like the size or comfort of the person or many people like to try out their styles which also needs the help of customized clothing.

Things that are important to take note of are that the service should be easily approachable with quality products. You can take the help of social media platforms like Instagram to popularize your business and can also do it offline.

4. Real estate

With the rising population of India, there is also a rise in the increase of properties and houses to fill people’s needs and if you have good communication skills, good knowledge of legal documentation, and good knowledge of properties then you can try out to become a real estate.

No doubt this sector has good competition but the thing that many people are not aware of is the online platform of advertisement. You can use platforms like YouTube or create your website to grow your business but remember, here trust building and knowledge of good properties which fulfil people’s expectations are important.

5. Video influencer

Are you that friend who always carries your video camera and records each memory? Then vlogging is best for you. Video influencers have become very popular on social media YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and you can be one by uploading your travel vlogs or other topics to attract an audience and earn money through YouTube as revenue or brand promotion.

Some people may say that they do not want to show their faces on the internet. No worries! Many YouTube channels upload videos through animation or tutorials which do not requires showing your face. Turn your passion into a business by sharing your stories, tutorials, vlogs, etc, and truly enjoy what you do.

6. Make-up artist

Numerous people think that makeup artist is limited to weddings. They are wrong, with the rise of OTT platforms like Netflix there is also a rise in the production of movies and web series. This requires skilled make-up artists to put actors in perfection on screens. Make artists are required till the duration and production of the movie and hence play an important part in the media and movie industry.

In horror movies, for instance, the characters require detailed makeup to create fear among the viewers. Now the question is, aren’t makeup artists only reserved for females? No is the answer. Make-up is an art, an interest, and if you are good at it. To grow your business, you can use online platforms and take your customer’s feedback while also improving your skills.

7. Tutoring

Tutoring kids in their academics have come into the business as every parent wants their kid to be top in the class or academics. If you are good at some particular subjects, you can surely try out tutoring and because of covid online tutoring has become very popular and easily accessible so you can even try out online tutoring. If you think you have the ability to teach others and the confidence along with the understanding, then surely check to try out tutoring.

8. Jeweler

With fashion comes jewellery. Some people are passionate about jewellery making and if you are too then start your own jewellery business. You can show your creativity or make customized pieces of jewellery and spread out your business on online platforms like Instagram or publish your products on online shopping/e-store apps like amazon.

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