8 Easy Ways You Can Clean Your Car Leather Seat at Home

If you drive a lot, especially with kids, crumbs and dust particles will accumulate in the nooks and crannies. Cleaning the car leather seat can get overwhelming since it has to be thorough and inspect every spot.

Cleanliness is paramount in daily life and helps elongate an object’s life. Similarly, if your use car cleaner for leather seats, the seats will stay in excellent condition for a long time. You have a car with a remarkable resale value. 

Cleaning is not only about the visuals of your car and how presentable it looks. The primary focus stays on hygiene, as a core part of maintaining the car involves deep cleaning it. The seat cleaner for car helps you to avoid grime and dust, creating a sanitary environment.

Spot Testing Before Cleaning

Before cleaning your car with the products, do the sot test. Do not skip this step. The spot-testing method will give you a final idea of whether the cleaning products suit your car leather seat

The cleaners have several chemicals and other solvents, some of which the leather finds sensitive. It can cause discoloration or withering and “eat the leather away”, emitting a foul smell. Therefore, a spot test is the best way to determine if you should proceed with the next step of the cleaning process.

Vacuum First

Primary cleaning is necessary before you get your hands dirty with grime and grease. Dirt and SPM particles enter your car not only through the windows but also through the AC vents. They will sit on the dashboard and the steering wheel of your car. Without proper scheduled cleaning, the dust can form layers upon layers. 

Dust makes the interiors of your car dull, but your car leather seat also loses its shine. Too many dust particles on the seat will make the seat unhygienic and a habitable nest for germs. Due to this negligence, people with dust allergies or weak immune systems will get affected adversely.

Thoroughly vacuuming the seat deep cleans the car. Vacuum once a week to ensure dust does not settle for long periods. This step clears most of the surface layer of dirt from the car leather seat. Now, you can go on to the next step for deeper cleaning.

Use a Microfiber Cloth to Clean the 

Use a microfiber cloth as they are gentle and soft on your leather. It does not scratch your leather. The cloth is perfect for cleaning all the interior surfaces of your car. It also has a mesh pocket to rub off stubborn grease stains.

Another excellent feature of the microfiber cloth is its lint-free fiber: no lint and no messy residue after cleaning. You do not have to worry about cleaning and searching for stray fibres in your car.

Always Use Warm Water to Clean Car Leather Seat

Use warm water to clean your leather and vinyl interiors. Please refrain from using boiling water as it can damage the fabric.  

Do Not Use Too Much Water

Cars that are too dirty can use a wash. Although it might be tempting to splash the car with a bucket of water, the leather will not appreciate it. Too much water will not dry up easily. Water retention in leather can adversely affect it. Moisture and wet conditions will cause the leather to rot. Additionally, it is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. 

Using too much water can also leave water stains. They are not easily removable. Using a damp cloth soaked in lukewarm water is ideal.

Choose Products Based on Material

Since the cleaners have chemicals, they would come with an ingredient label. Check for the concentration of each of the chemicals used. Products with neutral to basic pH are better than acidic ones.

The pH helps to balance the quality of the leather. Try to select cleaner and seat conditioner with natural extracts like citrus. Citrus helps to lift the oils and dirt out of the car leather seat easily, without any damage. It also removes stains and oil effectively without drying up the leather. 

Do Not Skip the Conditioner

After the cleaner comes to the conditioner, this is very important as it assures the quality maintenance of the leather. The seats need occasional conditioning. The preferred interval would be two to three times a year. 

Use a car leather seat conditioner that is non-toxic and made of natural ingredients. The conditioner enhances the longevity of the leather while lifting the oils and dirt out of it. The condition provides moisture to the leather keeping it soft. Last but not the least, it restores colour. 

The process might get a little longer but rest assured the results will leave your car leather seat looking like a brand new one. Get the best and safest cleaners for proper seat care at Carorbis.

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