Best 12 Food Business Deals In Shark Tank India

Businesses like Shark Tank India Food Business Childhood Business Dream Aspiration We all often say what to do in our childhood and in our job. Such dreams are left only by starting one step. Some such business is actually depicted as dream come true in Shark Tank India. He not only thought but also showed faith and courage to take a step forward.

Shark Tank India Finale is out and let’s take a look at Food Business Deals that got the Shark’s investment. Seeing all this Shark Tank India Food Business, everyone will be able to get inspired to keep their dreams confined to the eyes only!

Best 12 Food Business Deals In Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India Pitching In Traditional Lungi Kerala Banana Chips | Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips

Beyond Snacks is a company selling authentic banana chips in a variety of flavors. Crafted using superior quality raw material while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, these are the best Banana Chips ever. The glory of Kerala-Special Banana Chips has spread far and wide. Beyond Snack Fresh bananas grown on local farms and farms are cooked in clean and pure oil to make the banana chips the most delicious.

Name of Kerala Banana Chips FounderMadhu
Name of Business by Pitcher Manas MadhuOriginal Style -Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips
ASK50 Lakhs for 2.5% Equity
Beyond Snack Deal50 LAKHS FOR 2.5% Equity

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Indian Traditional Regional Business Shark Tank India | The Slate Plate

The State Plate is an e-commerce website with the mission of selling high-quality, authentic products from states across India. The State Plate sources authentic food products from various states of India. The State Plate is owned and controlled by Good Memories Pvt Ltd. It aims to tap into the deep network of vendors engaged in creating authentic food products that celebrate the amazing food diversity of our country.

Name of Business by Pitcher Sancheti & Raghav JhawarThe State Plate
Name of The State Plate FounderMuskaan Sancheti, Raghav Jhawar
Asked For₹65 Lakhs for 2% Equity
The State Plate Final Deal₹40 Lakhs for 3% Equity & ₹25 Lakh Debt with Shark Peyush Bansal

Mom Son Duo Protein Icecream Shark Tank India | Get A Whey

Get-A-Whey is an ice cream startup that appeared in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 20. This ice cream is no ordinary ice cream, it is India’s first protein ice cream, it does not contain any kind of sugar, artificial flowers, etc. It is a defect-free product, it is very tasty to eat and very good for health too.

Name of Get-A-Whey Ice-cream FounderJash Shah, Jimmy Shah
Name of Business by Pitcher Jash Shah & Jimmy ShahGet-A-Whey Ice-cream
ASK1 Crore for 8% equity
Get-A-Whey Ice-cream Deal1Crore for 15% Equity

Rupees 5 Shark Tank India Deal with 3 Shark | Cocofit

Coconut production in India is very high. But still, it is an unhealthy area in the country. Transportation of coconuts is an issue as they are large in size and weight. There is another problem with this area. Health-conscious people don’t have many options for fruit juices other than diluting packaged juices. To overcome all these problems, the brand Cocofit(Brand Cocofit) has been introduced. His idea is to introduce the coconut business to the corporate world. 

He started his business in 2019. And despite the pandemic, they were able to open 31 outlets in 7 states. They have conditions as they have received many franchise requests from different countries. They were looking for someone who could mentor them and get better knowledge from them. The final deal was done by Aman, Namita, and Anupam for Rs.5. For 5% Equity (Rupees 5 for 5% Equity in Cocofit).

Name of Cocofit FounderSasi Kanth Visinigiri, Pavan Kumar Seepana, Sunil Kumar Tentu
Name coconut Business by 3 Engineer PitchersCocofit
ASKRupees 5 for 5% Equity
Cocofit Deallowest Shark Tank India Deal – Rupees 5 for 5% Equity

Boss Joining Junior For Business Pitching In Shark Tank India | Humpy A2

India is the largest milk producer in the world, producing 22% of milk globally. HumpyA2 Shark Tank India Business is a dairy brand launched in India which is known for its natural and original products. Along with milk, ghee, curd, paneer, etc. are made naturally. All their products are very natural, they make their products using old-fashioned technology.

The cows in their fields grow up by eating healthy grass etc. In no way are injections into cows used for growth. They keep their place clean to keep the health of the cow good. They have made space for the cow which is very big and put grass etc. things in it that it can eat. It maintains the climate of the farm in a good manner through smart technology.

Name of HumpyA2 FounderVishal Chaudhari, Malvika Gaekwad & Jaywant Patel
Name of Business pitching to be a family FarmerHumpy A2 by The Organic Carbon
ASK75 lakhs for 4% Equity
HUMPY A2 Deal1 Crore FOR 15% EQUITY

WAKAO No Refrigeration, 12 Months Shelf-life | Wakao

Wakao Foods is a gluten-free, certified, vegetarian Jackfruits brand. This brand provides healthy and vegetarian fruits to the user. They have a wide variety of products like Butter Jack, Teriyaki Jack, and BBQ Jack. All their food is healthy and full of nutrients, it looks very good and tasty to eat.

Name of Wakao FounderSairaj Gaurish Dhond
Name of katal Business needs no refrigerationVegetables
ASK75 lakhs for 5% equity
Wakao Foods DealRupees 75 LAKHS FOR 21% EQUITY

Shark Tank India NOCD Low-Calorie No Carbs Energy Drink | NOCD

NOCD -no carbs energy drink is a no carbs energy drink with 5 calories. The full name of ‘NOCD’ is No Carbs Drink. As per the NOCD pitch at Shark Tank India, the energy drink is available in 1100+ stores across India apart from Amazon and other online marketplaces. The founders launched the drink to provide a healthier alternative to ‘high sugar’ energy drinks and have a viable Redbull alternative in India.

Name of NOCD No Carbs Energy Drink FounderSiddhart and Vinay
Name of 5 calorie energy drink Business at Shark Tank IndiaNOCD
NOCD No Carbs Energy Drink Deal20 LAKHS FOR 15% EQUITY +30 LAKHS DEBT

Tagz Healthy Snack Brand Shark Tank India | Tagz Chips

Tagz is a chips startup that started in 2019 in Bangalore, Karnataka which is today known for its unique testing. They contain many flavors like tomato, chili, salt turpentine, Italian cheese, cream onion, and spice treacle. Tagz is available in 2000 retail stores (mostly in Bangalore). Anish, the founder of ‘Tagz’ demanded ₹ 70 lakhs in exchange for a 1% share of his company. All the sharks loved the chips and dips of this brand. Shark Ashneer Grover closed the deal with 2.75% equity by funding ₹70 lakhs.

Name of Tagz Chips FounderAnish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia
Name of Chips Business in the first week of Shark Tank IndiaTagz Chips
ASK₹70 Lakhs for 1% Equity
Tagz Chips Deal₹70 Lakhs for 2.75% Equity

Momo Mami Frozen Veg Momos & Spring Rolls | Bluepine Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Aditi Madan is the co-founder of BluePine Foods which produces 35 varieties of frozen Himalayan food like momos and spring rolls. She also runs a QSR Yangkees in Delhi. The startup has won funding of Rs 75 lakh on Shark Tank India.

Name of BluePine Foods Pvt. Ltd FounderMrs. McCarthy Aditi Bhutia Madan
Name of Business by Pitcher Momo MamiBluePine Foods Pvt.Ltd
Momo Mami Deal75 LAKHS FOR 16% EQUITY

Family Farming Brown Eggs Business Shark Tank India | MeatYour

Meatyour brand is also known as Shree Balaji Farms. This form was started in March 2020 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. This is a successful farm in 2021. This was done with few chickens at the time of farming, now there are more than 20,000 chickens on this farm. These chickens are cultivated in a natural way, and now Shree Balaji Farms is also giving its franchise. This company leaves the chicken in their chicken farming by making the boundary of the chicken all over the farm and they grow up eating natural things, grass etc. Because of this nutrition remains inside the chicken.

Name of Meatyour FounderSaisharan Gandhi & Arnav Gandhi
Name of Brown Egg BusinessMeatyour
Meatyour Deal₹30 Lakhs for 20% Equity

Bartending Coctail At Doorstep Business Shark Tank India | In A Can

InaCan is a cocktail drink that can give you the complete A bar experience in one can. High-quality, ready-to-drink, can-packaged cocktails prepared and mixed by bartending experts. InACan cocktails have an added edge, a level of refinement, and specialty ingredients, but most importantly, you get an amazing bar experience that you can stash in your kitchen refrigerator!

Name of IN A Can FounderSameer, Viraj and Varun
Name Cocktail Business Shark Tank IndiaIN A Can
ASK50 lakhs for 2 % equity
IN A Can Deal1 Crore for 10% Equity

Let’s Try Deal – 45 Lakhs For 12% Equity | Let’s Try

Let’s Try Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 15 contains 100% pure groundnut oil. This brand Let’s Try brand sells a variety of snacks through platforms like Amazon, and Flipkart. Their products are also very popular in the offline market. The founders of this startup Nitin Kalra, Chitra Gupta, Neelam Kalra, and Geetanjali have demanded ₹ 45 lakhs in exchange for 2% of their company in Shark Tank.

Name 100% Groundnut oil Shark Tank India Business
Let’s Try
ASK₹45 Lakh for 2% Equity
Let’s Try 100% Groundnut oil Deal₹45 Lakh for 12% Equity


By watching Shark Tank India Finale news you can review all the Food Business Deals till now in this post at a glance before watching Shark Tank India Finale. Which one of your Shark Tank India Food Business deals is Shark Tank India’s Favorite Deal, you can tell in the comment.

Apart from Shark Tank India Food Business, we will keep posting more types of posts for you. If you have also made a food startup business, then definitely tell us. Every such discussion of work teaches us a lot along with entertainment.

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