March to June is considered as the best time to trek to laka glacier. You will see the entire landscape covered with ice and snow from winters till june. Once the monsoon starts the snow starts to melt and you will not find enough snow from July to November. You can also visit chopta trek .



located in kangra valley, the most popular and easiest trek to perform over a weekend and friendly trek for beginners. The level of difficulty is easy to moderate on this trek. The trek offers some bewitching views of snowy mountains and it is really a scenery to witness, the glorifying mountain range, and the panoramic vistas are magnificent. 

easily accessible from dharamshala and mcleodganj, this trek is only 13 km long and shows you the best of himalayas. make your trek memorable by creating lifetime memories, staying in camps is a thriller experience at the the edge of mountain. trek to triund and laka glacier gives you the spectacular view of stunning valley and mountain range. 

The glacier is full of snow and the neighbouring areas in pre monsoon, when the month of July arrives with monsoon you will only find rock and regolith in the lake  glacier. 


enjoy the captivating view of dhauladhar range and kangra valley at the height of 10,600 ft. trekking between the rhododendron and oak forest is bewitching. 

On beautiful terrain, sitting around a warm bonfire in the evening with soothing music and a session of fun chit chat with fellow trekkers and your buddies is one heck of an experience. 

The sunrise from dhauladhar range splashing golden lights will be a breathtaking view to start your day with and the sunset in kangra valley will make you relaxed and pleasant. 

indulge in a mesmerising view of majestic mountains, embark on this adventurous thrilling trek covered with snow which will give you a vibrant vibe. 


your trek can begin from mcleodganj which is 500 km from delhi and 250 km from chandigarh. you can reach by any means of transport, the closest railway station from mcleodganj is pathankot. The best option to reach mcleodganj is to take an overnight bus from delhi. 


On day 1 , reach at bhagsu nag taxi stand at 10 am in mcleodganj and start your trek, which takes you to bhagsu waterfall, the biggest waterfall in mcleodganj. The further four hours of trek will take you to the triund top. enjoy the panoramic view and breezing wind as the sun goes down. rest in camps and enjoy the fullest sitting beside the bonfire and rest for the day. 

on day 2, wake up at 8 am with a fulfilling breakfast and beautiful sunrise. Indulge your full concentration for the most awaited day by beginning your trek to laka glacier. You will start witnessing snow patches as you proceed towards the snowline, which will be really exciting. And you will neve know when the snow patches are totally covering the landscape. You will be reaching the summit at around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Eat your lunch watching splendid vistas. After spending a quality time at the glacier start descending back to triund and behold the sunset view in your eyes and eat dinner along with bonfire and relish this memorable experience. 

On day 3, eat a healthy breakfast, with herds of sheep grazing in the green meadows looking beautiful. Start the descent to mcleodganj and knowing the fact that you make it is a never forgetting trip. 


Carry a comfortable backpack and warm clothes which is necessary in night time as the temperature goes down which can be chilling. Extra pair of socks can be really beneficial. Having good hiking shoes is really an advantage which can make your trek comfortable and easy. Keep yourself hydrated and carry water bottles. Having a spray for pain relieving or in case of injuries is a smart act. Always follow the instructions provided by the guide. 

The location in which dharamshala and mcleodganj are situated is very close to the snowline. Only a 13 km hike can take you to the top of the snowline at laka glacier. This short duration of trek is getting very popular among youths. The place receives heavy snowfall during the winters and the glacier is filled with snow till the end of June, but once the monsoon period starts the snow starts to melt. So March to June is an ideal time to make your trek remarkable. 

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