Best Products

Organized by:

Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs – Youth Centers and Commissions

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (ITPO Bahrain)

Arab International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Investment

We are pleased to announce the First Youth Centers Entrepreneurship Competition “Best Product”, open
for youths and adolescents. Youths are encouraged to apply with a new or existing innovative product they
would like to make, and get a chance to be recognized, rewarded, and counselled towards making their
dreams into realities!

The Competition is co-organized by the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs (Youth
Centers and Commissions), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (ITPO Bahrain), and
the Arab Center for Entrepreneurship & Investment (AICEI).


The Competition aims at stimulating and unleashing the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation among
the Bahraini youth who are engaged with the Youth Centers at the Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs. The
Competition encourages the youth to contribute ideas of a product they would like to make towards their
personal economic benefit and towards developing their communities.

The competition is co-organized by The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs (Youth
Centers and Commissions), and UNIDO, the UN specialized agency that promotes industrial development for
poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability, together with UNIDO’s
Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) in Bahrain, the Arab Center for Entrepreneurship &
Investment (AICEI).

The Competition will incentivize potential entrepreneurs in each Governorate to participate by submitting
their innovative entrepreneurial ideas through the Competition’s criteria for a product that they have created
or will create, with the opportunity of having their ideas recognized and rewarded, and for providing them
business counseling towards the refinement and commercialization of their ideas, provided by AICEI.

The Competition, through its partners, will award entrepreneurs for their efforts and play an active role in
facilitating the provision of support services with the ultimate objective of taking a home-made product into
a thriving local business in the short run, and attempt to export it (product) in the long run.

Who Should Apply?

Youth and adolescents aged 15 – 29 from all Governerates in Kingdom of Bahrain

Applicants with new/existing innovative ideas for a product

Products that applicants will/have create(d).

Competition Criteria

Competition requires submitting basic prototypes (when applicable) to showcase the product idea.
Products do not have to health nor sports related. We encourage everyone with a product that they have
created or will create, to apply.

Product will be reviewed for:

The Product – Unique, Attractive, Relevant

Marketable – Demanded, Competitive

Viable – Feasible, Realistic, Accurate


The top three winners will receive the following prizes:

1st Place – BD 1,000

2nd Place – BD 600

3rd Place – BD 400

A formal certificate awarded at Hamad Town Youth Model Center, during a celebratory event.

Increased visibility for their products.

The top 10 shortlisted applicants will be provided the following:

Counseling and mentoring through UNIDO ITPO Bahrain (AICEI), which provides facilitation for business
start up, and access to support entities in Bahrain.

Coaching by professionals at the Arab Center for Entrepreneurship & Investment on how to pitch their
ideas and market their products.

Application Details

Application Participation Criteria Application Exclusion Criteria
Age of participants must be between 15 and 29.

Open to youth with innovative products.

Participant’s initiative should be recent and not have existed in the market for over 1 year.

Application to be submitted through hard copy form available at each Youth Center or online on

Participants must apply through the nearest Youth Center.



Organizers, and their employees cannot participate, directly or indirectly, in the competition.

Applications submitted for the competition that potentially conflict with any laws and the Organizers code of conducts will be declined.

Plagiarism of the idea and/or elements of the application.

Missing or misleading information in the application may lead to a decline of participation without further explanations.

Competition Timeline:

Receiving Applications : 15/08/2017 to 15/09/2017
Application Deadline: 15/09/2017
Evaluation and Coaching: 15/09/2017 to 15/10/2017
Final Award Ceremony: Will be announced by Organizers

Submission and Information:

Participants will submit their applications by filling a form available at the Youth Centers, or download
the form from the competition website.

The hardcopy forms must be submitted to the nearest Youth Center, the representative of each

For further information, please contact your nearest Youth Center, or email:

Information on the Competition may be found online on:

Competition Process:

A. Submission and Screening

Applications may be collected by the applicant’s Youth Center, or downloaded online.

Applications will be received by a representative in each Youth Center.

Received applications will be screened based on the exclusion criteria defined, and meeting the

B. Evaluation and Shortlisting:

An assigned Jury will verify and evaluate applications based on the Competition Criteria

Members of this Jury may vary for each round, and will shortlist applications to arrive at the top 10

Jury may require Applicants to provide additional information concerning their applications.

C. Coaching on pitching

The 10 semifinalists will be invited to visit the Arab Center for Entrepreneurship & Investment and receive
training from entrepreneurship experts and counselors on how to pitch and effectively promote their ideas,
in preparation for the Competition’s Pitch Event.

D. Pitch Event

The 10 semifinalists will attend and participate in a pitching event, whereby the semifinalists will present
their ideas with prototypes (when possible) to an audience comprising of the final jury, as well as the youth
and members of the center. The event will welcome a public audience.

E. Final Judging/Jury

5 judges will identify the top three finalists from the shortlist based on their performance.

D. Awarding Ceremony:

The award ceremony will be held at the Hamad Town Youth Model Center at a date announced by the

Further considerations:

By submitting the application for consideration, the applicant attests that they are responsible for
the conceptualization or development of the prototype product.

Applicants whose contact information changes during the course of the competition are responsible
for notifying the Organizers.

The Organizers reserve the right to disqualify applicants who breach the competition criteria.

Decisions taken by the judges are final. Applicant agrees to comply with and be bound by the
decisions of the panel of judges on all matters associated with the competition.

Winners will allow MYS/UNIDO to use their names, photographs and business plans for promotional
and publicity purposes.

Terms of Use:

The applicants declare that they have the absolute ownership of the product/prototype submitted
for the competition and it is not subject to the conflict concerning intellectual and/or industrial
property rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.).

Applicants agree to indemnify and not to hold competition organizers, its affiliates and partners
responsible in the event that a third party initiates any claim, lawsuit or complaint within any
forum, whether judicial or administrative agency against competition organizers, concerning or in
connection with the above-mentioned rights.

Competition organizers, its affiliates and partners shall not be held liable to the Applicants or others
for the viability or results of their products, nor participate in the ownership or management of the
related initiatives.