Check out these easy steps to fix QuickBooks Error OL 222

Small and medium-sized firms utilize the user-friendly accounting software known as QuickBooks to handle their books. The customers’ companies have benefited from using the product, which has led to the expansion of those customers’ enterprises. However, just like any other piece of software, QuickBooks is susceptible to random faults that can have a significant impact on the way the software functions. When you are working with the QuickBooks program, one of the issues that you could come into is the OL 222 error. It happens when the connection to your bank fails, which can cause you to run into problems while downloading your transactions. If you’ve been having issues with QuickBooks because of this mistake, you’ve come to the perfect spot to find solutions. Continue reading the blog to learn everything there is to know about this problem.

QuickBooks Error OL 222

Regarding the above error

Users of QuickBooks are required to integrate their respective bank accounts within the software. These are the accounts that are utilized in the process of carrying out transactions and other monetary operations within QuickBooks. However, there are rare instances in which QuickBooks is unable to keep the connection with your bank. There is a possibility that the bank servers are experiencing some problems and are therefore unable to respond to any queries that are made by QuickBooks. Every time you attempt to connect to your bank’s servers, you will see an error notice that says “QuickBooks is unable to finish the operation…” in this window.

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The following are some of the causes that may be contributing to the appearance of this error in QuickBooks:

1. The file that you are attempting to access is either corrupted or saved in a format that is not supported by QuickBooks.
2. The name of the file that is now being accessed includes one or more non-alphanumeric characters or symbols.
3. The version of Windows that you have installed on your computer is quite out of date.


The following are the most successful approaches to resolving this problem in QuickBooks:

Step one of the solution: check to see that your file is in the .qbo format.

It’s possible that the file containing your data is corrupted or saved in a different format. Please refer to the following instructions to download it in the .qbo format, which is supported by QuickBooks:

1. Fire up your web browser and navigate to the website for your financial institution.
2. Enter your login information into the appropriate fields on the website in order to access your online account.
3. Download your file once more, but this time uses the .qbo extension.
4. Launch QuickBooks and make an attempt to open this file.

If you run into any problems, the next solution is for you to attempt.

Solution 2: If you are attempting to open a .qbo file in QuickBooks, rename the file.

The Open Financial Exchange does not permit the use of any characters or symbols that are not standard (OFX). To change the name of your file, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the directory that contains all of your data files and look for any files that have the .qbo extension.
2. Select Rename from the drop-down menu that appears when you right-click on the file.
3. Take the &amp symbol out of the file name.
4. When you are finished, select the Save option, and then reopen your QuickBooks program.

If you are unable to open the file, proceed to the next possible option.

Solution 3: Ensure that the most recent version of QuickBooks is installed.

Always use the most recent version of QuickBooks; if your copy of QuickBooks requires an update, follow the procedures below.

1. Launch the QuickBooks application on your personal computer.
2. Navigate to the Help menu and then choose the option to Update QuickBooks desktop from the drop-down menu.
3. If you select the checkbox to Rest updates, any and all previously downloaded updates will be removed from your device.
4. Select Get Update from the menu, and then wait for the procedure to conclude.

The error in your QuickBooks will be fixed if you implement these fixes.


This post marks the end of this blog; throughout its run, we endeavored to shed light on every facet of the QuickBooks Error OL 222. You gained an understanding of the factors that contribute to its occurrence as well as the solutions available to fix it fast. We are hoping that your time spent reading through the blog was well spent and that the remedies provided were successful in removing this problem from our QuickBooks software.

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