Everyone has/can have a small business and quickly get involved in small business. And we might find lots of it in our day-to-day daily lives as well, whether you’re just going to find small shops taking their business online. Or someone starting a homemade products business from the comfort of their existing homes, you know? You can find varieties of these everywhere you go. But the real deal you might know is their work ethic, business plans, and employees are so warm and cozy. 

They just live in a safe and comfortable environment that is so admirable in real life and is quite far from the rigorous corporate robotic work schedule. And so small businesses have their charm to see and get to.   

Now that we have established small businesses, I think it’s time for some fun activities for the employees to gain or have so that they can bond over these and the corporate ones do it. But since it’s a much smaller number of the scale of employees here, then we must proceed with quite a caution here since it will be going to be quite a different experience than that from the bigger businesses. And we have just the right amount of business models here to work on as well, as these small activities will cultivate some outstanding bonds between the employees and be a great team-building activity.   

Here are the advantages of such team-building activities:  


Research shows that increased employee engagement/involvement in these activities has resulted in better employee collaboration, growth, communication, morale, motivation, and camaraderie.  


These activities can sometimes include games or team involvement, which naturally means team-building and problem-solving at the core. So doing these are essential to the very being of the company.   


These activities are essential in bringing out happiness because it is something outside of regular tedious work and actually, and that is supposed to be entertaining for the whole of the employees at most businesses. So, it’s essential to figure out how to have that balance of happiness in your work environment. Also, you need to do so because it improves your personal growth, and the happier you are, the more likely you are to work with your whole heart and soul. And that’s the essential part.   


The more you spend time on fun activities; the less tedious the work will be. So, you just need to find that the more relaxed and creative outlet you have to express yourself, the more you are most likely to be having fun at work and less likely to burn out quickly while doing regular jobs.   


By being involved with people with different perspectives and backgrounds through these team-building activities, you will learn that so many other diversities will help you broaden your perspective on opinions and thinking and eventually help you to innovate something new because good work is only done. In contrast, innovation is being made as well.  


We know the fantastic advantages of team-building activities now, so we know their importance in building up a team, making them relax in a work environment, and bringing some joy to the workplace. But now, we will learn about the team-building activities specifically designed for small businesses. Still, before that, we will learn about the factors that make the activities and hosting them a little different than the big businesses.  

Here are the following factors we should keep in mind while hosting a small business team-building activity:  


The cash and budget are meager for a small business for recreational activities like team-building since they are sometimes very demanding… Especially the scavenger hunt, going on a great trip, or even playing expensive games. There are lesser-budget games like sports, board games, and virtual games.  

2. SCALE: 

Small businesses have a much smaller number of employees than large corporations, so the scale is much smaller. So, the activities that can be done on a bigger scale can never be attempted.   


The number of employees decides the type of games that will suit them and the kind of things they are comfortable with. If there are a greater number of employees, then escape rooms are the best. If there is a lesser number of employees, then board games or sports are a good way to increase teamwork.   


The environment is critical as everyone should be comfortable with the team building activity they are involved in. So, they now have to understand the environment and how that will affect two employees, ten or even 20-30 employees. So, that needs to be conveyed properly and needs to be kept in mind at the time of hosting the activities.  

5. NEEDS: 

If there is an especially abled person or someone suffering from some sort of disease, you need to decide and be able to cater the team building activities to every group of individuals. Special needs are important, and people need to be aware of these needs. Everyone deserves an equal chance, and everyone has intelligence.  

Now that we know the criteria that must be kept in mind, we can move forward with the critical team-building activities that are important to exercise now and how to hold them successfully. 

According to Team Building Hub, “63% of leaders felt team building improved communication among the team. 44% of leaders cited retention as a challenge over the last year.” These statistics clearly state that team building is essential, and communication is necessary for teamwork.   

Firstly, we need to know how to manage those, and for that, we need all of the above factors that we mentioned in the proper form for us to be able to present actual and be able to afford things as well. 

Secondly, we need to figure out the preferences and abilities of the employees and what they would like and be comfortable in. And by doing so, we can also figure out a way to decide on the perfect activities. 

Some of the great activities that are great at team building and something we would prefer all small businesses to check out would be the following actually:  

1. Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Rooms or online escape games are critical for us to use and be a part of. They help jog up our creative abilities and problem-solving instincts as natural human beings even. And who doesn’t love virtual escape room games, huh? I know we all do, for sure! Those puzzles are so well crafted, hard, and uniquely designed, and we love brainstorming them all for further clues, hints, and bits of a piece for you to make a storyline and also finally to find a breakthrough and escape!   

2. Any Other Online Gaming: 

Other than an escape room, there are various team-building online games for you to enjoy, Like Call of Duty and Star Wars. These are multiplayer games and are much easier to play. These are extremely fun to play, and you can all play them from home, even though just a zoom call and logging in from your home. So, it’s great for even a hybrid or work-from-home schedule.   

3. Real-Life Escape Rooms: 

There are real-life escape rooms to visit, so many of them go and have a real at-hand physical touch-and-go experience. So, you can enjoy it at best hand for yourself. And it’s always fun to go out with your team and have fun outside of the workplace as well. And also, these games are bonding experiences and require problem-solving with the team. You can always check out the “escape rooms near me” to find good ones in your area.  

4. Singing: 

You all should try singing firsthand as well. This is a great creative outlet and will let the employees relax from the constant work stress and pressure and depressurize and enjoy the world at their pace and enjoy it the most. Singing is a way to everyone’s heart. It’s a great medium to get to know coworkers in the workplace on a more personal level and enjoy. Thus, it further decreases the burnout caused by the workplace, struggling and working constantly and tirelessly even. It is also the most cost-effective out of the four we’ve mentioned up until now.   

5. Dancing/Musical Performance: 

Dancing and performing to a musical will be an even more fulfilling way to let out the stress and party and collaborate and dance to the beat of your heart. It’s a great way to unwind and get to know your coworkers on a more friendly and casual level. You should also host a small theme/dance party to relax and bond with your coworkers in a small business setting. I’m sure it will eventually bring a smile to everyone’s face.   

Lastly, I hope you liked the article, and please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  

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