UNIDO Re-affirms its Support for Bahrain Business Women Society

July 27, 2016 News

UNIDO Re-affirms its Support for Bahrain Business Women Society

Manama, 23 July 2012 – A meeting was held between the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Bahrain Business Women Society. As UNIDO continues to break down barriers for budding female entrepreneurs in Bahrain, they proactively contribute to the country’s growth and development. The meeting was headed by Dr.Hashim, Head of UNIDO and Ms. Ahlam Janahi, the president of Bahrain Business Women Society.

Ms. Ahlam opened the meeting by stating that UNIDO has been one of society’s greatest supporters for almost 10 years and that they owe their success partly to UNIDO. She also said that Dr. Hashim is considered the guru of entrepreneurship in Bahrain.

The meeting was then led by Dr.Hashim where he emphasized the significant role that women play in society and the economy as well.

He stated that the potential of women should not be bound by the traditional roles that society often defines. In fact, their success as entrepreneurs will pave the way in reversing years of limiting cultural constraints.

UNIDO encouraged Bahrain Business Women Society to continue its efforts in bridging female entrepreneurs with the support that they require.