Vinyl reborn Dolls or Silicone reborn baby Dolls? -A Complete Guide for You

It’s very confusing which type of reborn baby doll is better. You must be in a predicament about what kind of reborn dolls are better for you. So this blog will help you and guide you to solve all your problems. Most of us are unaware of which kinds of dolls are selling in the market. There are two kinds of dolls one is Vinyl Dolls and the other one is Silicon dolls. In this blog, you’ll learn how different both kinds are. Few people prefer the Vinyl Dolls, and some prefer Silicone Dolls.

Vinyl reborn Dolls or Silicone reborn baby Dolls? -A Complete Guide for You

Vinyl Reborn Doll

Vinyl reborn Dolls are just a dummy of a human figure. Everything is just as same as a newborn human baby. The weight is also quite the same as a human newborn baby. Vinyl reborn Dolls look more like real-life dolls than the other ones. It gives us the vibes of real-life babies. That’s why most media and other industries use these reborn dolls instead of real ones. Vinyl Dolls are solid and can’t be squished or smashed. The structure and material of the doll give one the feeling of a newborn baby. Maybe that’s these dolls known as reborn baby dolls. Every Vinyl Dolls are cloth contained.

These dolls are more flexible than the Vinyl Dolls, whose limbs are jointed. One can move the hands the legs the way they want. The dolls whose limbs are not jointed, those reborn baby dolls, are not so flexible. That’s why these reborn dolls don’t give a genuine vibe. As these reborn baby dolls are made of cloth, one can’t throw them in water or wash them. This can lead to damaging the reborn baby Vinyl dolls. If you can adequately use the reborn doll, these Vinyl baby reborn dolls can stay up to 15- 20 years. One can have a great experience with these baby reborn Vinyl Dolls.

Silicone reborn baby Dolls –

Now, Silicone reborn dolls. What kind of these reborn baby dolls? Are they friendly and comfortable enough, Like Vinyl Dolls? All answers are here for you –

Silicone reborn baby dolls are very soft and squishy. This is maybe because of the material ” silicone “. You can move limbs to an extent.

The Silicone reborn baby dolls are either in solid cross sections or hollow cross-sections. For this, it gives the reborn baby dolls a realistic look. On the one hand, the solid cross-section allows the Reborn baby dolls to stay in their pose. And the hollow cross-section keeps the doll in its original position. The elasticity of the silicon material helps the reborn baby dolls to do this.

As it is made of silicone, the temperature is critical, which works on the reborn dolls. When the weather is hot, the doll’s temperature becomes hot, and when it’s cold, the temperature of the reborn baby dolls becomes cold. You can feel the dissimilarity while using the dolls. This feature of the reborn baby dolls gives a realistic feeling.

Silicone reborn dolls are unlike Vinyl ones, which you can’t emerge in water. Silicone reborn baby dolls can be appeared in the water and are also washable. There is no risking damage. You can wash it, bathe it like a newborn, and blow dry it. Silicone dolls are a bit expensive compared to Vinyl dolls.

The way silicone dolls are made, the manufacturing process takes time, and the cost of materials made the price of the reborn baby bolls a bit higher. If we talk about the durability of the reborn baby Silicone dolls, then it’s tough to predict. The doll’s look, structure, and thickness decide the doll’s durability. But if it is maintained without rubbing harshly or exposed to extreme climates and rough surfaces, it can stay up for an extended period.


Vinyl and Silicone reborn baby dolls are both unique and best in their way. Some people prefer Vinyl dolls over Silicone dolls, and some people choose Silicone dolls over Vinyl dolls. So it’s total up to you and your preferences which you will choose. Reborn baby dolls give a real-life experience than the other dolls.

So people are choosing them over the old kind of dolls. And it’s amicable and easy to use, so why not reborn baby dolls over the old fashion dolls? We assume this blog has given the perfect information about what you need to know before buying a reborn baby doll. So now grab your own reborn baby doll which you like to enjoy a new experience. For more freshly brewed content, follow our blogs.

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