Andrew Bridgen's claim on the vaccine debate needs to be fact-checked.

Serious adverse effects reported by the public following vaccination are thought to account for only 10% of the actual rate of serious adverse events.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen made several claims about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines during the adjournment debate on 'Vaccines: Potential Harms' in the House of Commons on 13 December.

Some of these claims were missing important references, so we fact-checked four of them in detail.

Yellow Star
Yellow Star

We have fact-checked Mr Bridgen's claims about COVID-19 vaccines twice in recent weeks – once when he made a false claim at Prime Minister's Questions about vaccines during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and separately During a major debate on COVID-19 vaccines.

We wrote to Mr Bridgen on both occasions to ask for a correction, but have not yet received a direct reply and he has yet to correct any of the claims.

Here is our analysis of Mr Bridgen's most recent claims at the December 13 debate. Mr Bridgen has been contacted for comment.