Emmanuel Macron is the President of France. He was elected in May 2017 and took office in May 2017

Prior to his presidency, Macron served as the Minister of the Economy, Industry, and Digital Affairs under President François Hollande. He is a member of the centrist La République En Marche! political party and is known for his pro-European Union stance

Macron has pursued a number of domestic and international policy initiatives, including efforts to reform the French economy and labor market, strengthen the European Union, and address the issue of climate change.

When French President Emmanuel Macron's party lost its relative quantity in parliament six months past, several were puzzled about what the blow would mean for an associate degree formidable, here-to-disrupt-the-status-quo leader, whose initial tenure was outlined by a top-down kind of management.

It seems that Macron a pair of.0 may be a man all regarding the world, providing world leaders with "strategic intimacy" as he leaves domestic politics to his chief lieutenants and focuses on his favorite area: international. Diplomacy

The French's past "intimate" moves are well documented: lovesome hugs with Angela Merkel, handshakes with Donald Trump, and serial bromancing with the likes of Justin Trudeau and Rishi Sunak. Currently in his second term, the French president - virtually - appears to be taking a step back on the globe.

Since his re-election, Macron has hopped from one official tour to another: in Algeria to revive ties with a former colony, in the capital of Thailand to woo Asian nations, and last in Washington to go to Washington. To strengthen ties with. The globetrotting head of state has drawn criticism within the French press for abandoning the house front.