Why is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 With A Turquoise Blue Dial A Great Buy?

Rolex’s latest enviable Oyster Perpetual creation shines out with excellence as the brand fluidly combines unrivaled aesthetics with technology to create emblematic watches. Only Rolex can surpass its set bar, and the latest slew of OP watches just seconds to that.

Recently, Rolex surprised everyone with fascinating Oyster Perpetual 41 watches rolling out with colorful dial options. No one predicted that the brand would introduce dial options like bright blue, red grape, and other astonishing shades that echo the essence of ‘Stella’ dials.

When Rolex launched the new dial colors for the OP line, the watches received a maddening response from the crowd. Within hours of release, fans started associating unique monikers with each color. For instance, they referred to yellow as ‘Pikachu’, pink as ‘Bubblegum’, etc. However, one color that stood out from the rest in all its glory is the ‘Turquoise’ OP 41.

The Turquoise OP timepiece effortlessly captures the attention of collectors with its phenomenal blue hue, suggesting a high market value. Even the slightest notion of the watch running out of the shelves will attach a high value to it, benefitting anyone who intends to sell the Rolex later.

Here’s why the Rolex ‘Turquoise’ OP is a future collector’s watch:

1. Stella-r Dial

The core appeal of this watch is the mesmerizing blue dial with highly polished baton hour markers. The applied Rolex logo sitting at 12 o’clock is comparatively tall, and the dial’s engravings are clean, crisp, and catchy. Even though the dial appears to have a matte finish, once you look closely, it is lacquered.

Whether it is the ice-cool blue dial colour or the shiny white hands, the double baton indices at 3/6/9 o’clock, the sleek black ‘Oyster Perpetual’ text, or the white gold indices, everything makes the watch a visual stunner!

2. Clean case shape

The OP watch’s 41mm clean case shape works perfectly to put the focus on the blue dial. The watch has a round bezel and case with perfectly aligned rectangular white gold indices and lume dots above it that really work to seal the deal.

3. The Lume

All the hands and indices in the OP 41 have a classic blue Rolex lume. As the dial colour is similar to the chroma light lume, it looks slightly greenish in low lights. Overall, the colours gel in quite well to offer a neat appearance.

4. Solid Oyster bracelet

The steel oyster bracelet is solid, comfortable, and sits seamlessly on the wrists. The rounded links don’t present unruly edges allowing the bracelet curves to sit firmly around the wrist. However, the bracelet lacks the Oysterglide micro-adjustment mechanism and Oysterlock safety device.

The wearer can extend the clasp by 5mm on warm or cold days using the integrated Easylink mechanism.

How does it look on the wrist?

When you wear the blue-shaded Oyster Perpetual Rolex on the wrist, it is highly legible and striking. The crisp appearance of the timepiece extends one’s style and adds a fun element altogether. While wearing it regularly, you can simultaneously appreciate Rolex’s watchmaking quality and timekeeping.


With everything said, the turquoise OP is an excellent all-rounder consideration worthy of all the hype it gets. The watches are sleek, whimsical, and head-turners, all the attributes a watch collector appreciates and comprehends in luxury timepieces. Beneath the pleasing and cool blue hue runs a superlative chronometer that gives the wearer unmatched preciseness.

If you keep an eye on the various watch sites, you can see people trying to sell Rolex OP watches at a higher price in the secondary market due to their high demand. This is because people are willing to offer almost double the retail for this highly sought-after Turquoise blue Rolex timepiece.

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